Showing The Wonderful World, It is the ultimate goal that CAPITAL Screens has always pursued

As LED display supplying and install company , we focus on offering top-notch technology and high-performing visual products.


We have implemented many projects that made our consultancy very experienced, We help you to choose the pixel pitch, the control method and the necessary fitting.


Capital Screens takes care of you - so there is the possibility to supply all the equipment (LED display screen, control devices, Cooling system, iron works and the electrical control panel)


To be an expert, it takes a lot of work, after a lot of projects our team has much experience in this field, it is easy to implement different projects or any new projects


Maintenance work continues throughout the day, its company priorities, screen efficiency during work is very important to us, Maintenance within 24 hours


We give a full warranty for the screens - with the possibility of renewal -  so we care very much about the warranty